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Valve industry will be able to market competition in a wide range of seizing the initiative
2016-10-28 10:21:47

China's valve product development though there are many factors, but the valve industry in China is very broad market prospect. This is mainly benefited from:

1, the support of national policy. As countries accelerate development of the equipment manufacturing industry policy to promote the gradual development will be based manufacturing, gm has been further key support.

2, valves strong market demand for products. State-owned sustainable economic development. Fixed assets investment is gradually enlarged. Especially a few centuries engineering "west-east gas transmission", "gingral", "water" project start to the large valve products matching; In addition, China is faced with the arrival of the era of industrialization, petrochemical industry, electric power department, metallurgical department, chemical industry and urban construction, the use of large valves will increase the demand for the product valve. For example, the power industry in the "11th five-year plan" period in coal power units required large and medium projects total of valves forecast: valve total demand for 153,000 tons, with an average annual demand for 30,600 tons; Valve total demand 3.96 billion yuan, with an average annual amount of 7.92 demand billion yuan for the demand.

3, along with the WTO to join, international trade gateway decreased and the developed countries adjustment of product structure, China is becoming the world's largest processing plants, valves processed products produced in greater room for development.

So, as long as the enterprises can seize the opportunity to strengthen research and development capabilities, and continuously improve products and technology in product quality, will in vast competition in the market seizing the initiative.

1, have the technical innovation capability of the enterprise has the long-term competitive advantage. To be able to use high-tech to transform traditional industries, and actively introduce, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and equipment, enhances the enterprise the level of equipment, accelerate equipment renewal and technological innovation, the realization of the valve industry and optimize and upgrade the product itself, improve product additional value. This type of valve enterprise will have lasting competitive advantage.

2, industry leading enterprises will get a rapid development. These leading enterprises in scale, and not just in technology, financial market, with the advantages of the valve product quality requirements gradually enhance, this kind of enterprise will in the fierce competition to obtain development opportunities. For example at present our country is developing nuclear power industry, meanwhile, connect "west-east gas pipeline of central Asia as the start of construction project in China, this will be for intelligent valve leading enterprises such as HongCheng shares, nuclear power valve leading enterprise of nuclear suzhou will have the opportunity to grow.

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